How can I host a DNS zone on Grape Hosting ?

For any domain name purchased on Grape Hosting, a DNS zone is created for the domain name in question and the nameservers are defined automatically. You can then manage your DNS table directly after purchase, without any additional configuration by going to : Domains > DNS Management.

For customers with at least one hosting subscription (of any kind), it is possible to start hosting a DNS zone for free by going to : Domains > DNS Management. Once on this page, click on "Add New Zone" button. Finally, modify the namerservers on the previous DNS zone by these :


The change of DNS servers can take up to 48 hours to be propagated around the globe, so it may take up to 48 hours for the migrated zone to be functional.

Please note that to avoid any abuse, the number of zones that can be created is limited to 10 per subscription. For example, if a customer has a web hosting subscription as well as a VPS subscription, he⸱she will by default be allowed to host 20 DNS zones.

If you reach these limits and your activities require more hosted zones, do not hesitate to write to our support team at and we will gladly increase your limits.


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